The Ridgefield Cemetery, located at the English Neighborhood Reformed Church

1040 Edgewater Ave
Ridgefield, NJ  07657
United States

The Ridgefield Cemetery dates to 1799 and served as the church’s “graveyard” for many years, with the oldest graves located around the direct perimeter of the church building. Over the years, more acreage was added and the cemetery today comprises roughly six acres of land.  As the oldest cemetery in the area, the Ridgefield Cemetery boasts the names of many notable families who settled the lands once known as the “English Neighborhood,” (to distinguish it from the Dutch,) including Civil War General Alexander Shaler, Banta, and others.

The Ridgefield Cemetery’s graves can be searched through, or by calling the cemetery office at


The Ridgefield Cemetery continues to serve as the final resting place of all who wish to be buried there, despite faith or church affiliation, with roughly two acres of land still available. The cemetery is a peaceful, natural setting, consisting of many mature trees, bushes, and grass, and is home to the “wild” population of deer, birds, foxes, and other small mammals. Recently, wildflower gardens have been added to the cemetery’s perimeter, encouraging bees and butterflies, and adding an additional touch of nature’s beauty to the cemetery's landscape. Graves are available for purchase by calling the church office, at 201-943-5628.